Monday, 10 October 2016

Top 10 upcoming smartphones 20017.

Smartphone makers never forget the year 2016 because from exploding flagship phones to sales drop on world’s favourite brand company’s seen everything. Some company’s never forget 2016, that’s why every company want to make their mark in the year 2017. That’s why every company concentrating on their next flagships to produce best smartphone possible. Here are the top ten phones which will create a lot off buzz in the year 2017.

I phone 8 and 8 plus:

Apple announced iPhone 7 and 7 plus in September and got mixed responses from tech reviewers to the normal smart phone user. Apple launched iPhone 7 with all new A10 chip and faster processor and 7 plus with same hardware except it comes with dual camera lens the big step taken by apple is removing the 3.5MM jack and design remains same as iPhone 6s and 6s plus. IPhone 7 duo is not good as customers expected as result the device sales is less compared to the previous versions of iPhones.

Apple learned from the iPhone 7 mistake and they are designing an entirely new iPhone for smart phone users in the year 2017. In iPhone 8 apple is going to remove home button and us its entire front facing as a display, what’s more interesting apple going put finger print scanner under the display this is posted by appleinsider and apple also got patent for this design. Apple also changing the screens of iPhone 8 by replacing the retina display with OLED as it ordered these displays from the sharp company. The much awaited wireless charging feature also will be introduced to iPhone 8 and also comes with all new A11 chip and 4GB RAM. IPhone 8 will launch in September 2016 we have to wait and see what Apple will bring to us with its next flagship.

Galaxy S8:

Love it or Hate it Samsung S7 is one of the best flagship mobile in the year 2016. S7 have one of the best smart phone camera it comes with dual-pixel introduced by Samsung and great low light performance.

Samsung want to make S8 as powerful as possible with specifications like snapdragon 830 and Exynos 8895, it will be the first ever Samsung phone to come with 6GB RAM and there will be a 256GB ROM from a rumour it also comes with dual memory card slots. Iris scanner also will be makes it way to Galaxy S series phones with S8 as it is first time introduced in Note 7. New rumour claims that Samsung may fallow Apple by removing 3.5MM jack from Galaxy S8. Apart from these features Samsung want to continue edge screen technology in every flagship phone. One of the stand out feature of S8 is Dual Lens Camera unit which will be introduced for the first time in Samsung mobile devices. Galaxy S8 is already creating lot of buzz in rumours world as it will release in 2017 MWC.

LG G6:

The successor to the present modular phone LG G5 is coming next year. LG G5 is the one of the best modular phone available in the market right now with G6 company want to take it to the next level. Present model will comes with range of modules like camera, external speakers best thing is both of them will come with inbuilt batteries.

LG G6 will come with upgraded specifications like snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM and 5.5” 4K resolution display it’s bigger than its predecessor. LG also want implement wireless charging system which charges G6 up to 80% in 30. There will be a smaller version for G6 with some reduced specifications same like G5 SE.

MI 6:

This Chinese manufacturer got the lots of people attention in 2016 by releasing flagship specked device for a mid-ranger price. MI is the smart phone seller in china because of its affordable pricing. MI is priced as mid ranger and it offers much more than that. MI 5 comes with 16MP Sony camera with 4-Axis image stabilization which is capable of recording 2k Resolution Videos.

Hence MI 6 will be the successor to MI 5 it will bet it easily in every department from hardware to software. According to some sources here are some rumoured specifications, 20MP Sony camera with 4K recording and improved low light performance, improved display resolution from Full HD to 4K. 6GB RAM with 256GB storage with micro SD expansion which is absent in MI 5 and snapdragon 830 chipset. MI 6 will be priced at 499$ at this price point it will be a steal.

One plus 4:

This flagship killer this is the tag line of Chinese company one plus because it will kill any flagship with its price and specifications. One plus 3 is available in single version only, one plus is want bring the anti-up and releasing One plus 4 with two versions one with 6GB another one with 8GB version both offer different memory options. Snapdragon 830 chipset will be used power up one plus 4. Additional feature like wireless charging may be memory slot also expected in one plus 4.

Nokia C1 and A1:

Nokia is coming back to mobile industry in 2017, Nokia may launch phones in MWC 2017. Foxicon is going to manufacture this devices will be sold with Nokia branding. Recently both of the devices caught up on Geek Benchmark site one is midranger specs and another one with high end specifications.

C1 it is the midranger from Nokia powered by snapdragon 615 along with 3GB RAM and 5” full HD display android 7.0 out of the box. The rear camera will comes with 13MP snapper and front camera will be 8MP.

A1 will be the high-end model and compete with flagship phones like S8 and iPhone 8. It comes with specifications like 5.5” 2K display, Snapdragon 820 will power this phone with 4GB RAM, 32/64GB expandable storage, finger print reader and wireless charging. A1 come along with one of the best mobile cameras which will have 20.1MP Carl Zeiss lens with xenon flash and a 13MP front facing camera. Both of the devices will come with Nokia Z launcher preinstalled. Rumours of this phones started since May 2016. We have to wait until 2017 to see how number one mobile manufacture will come back in to mobile industry and stand up in the present competition.

Surface Phone:

This business focused smart phone is a mini version of Microsoft surface tablets. This high end smartphone will have a 5” 2K resolution display, whooping 8GB RAM 256GB storage and snapdragon 830. A source suggests that it only come with a rear mounted power button along with finger print reader which performs multiple operations like volume up/down switch between apps and talking Selfie’s with just one touch. Microsoft may also release 3 RAM variants for surface phone i.e., 4/64GB, 6/128GB and 8/256GB. Microsoft planning to launch it in early 2017.

HTC Ocean:

HTC Ocean is an entirely new concept to mobile phone industry, company releasing this phone without any physical buttons and introducing a new technology HTC calling it as sense touch. Recently leaked video shows us what HTC’s sense touch does, the sides of the phone will come with touch sensors that means you can increase or decrease volume by sliding your finger up and down on side bars. This can be used to click photos from camera and also we can access google now and make a video call too. This video also reveals that rear camera with two Camera sensors which is not highlighted in this video, the device also packs 5.5” 2K display.

HTC M11:

M10 pulled out HTC from its struggling sales from last few years. M10 comes with a great camera which toped list of best mobile camera with 88 points, but google pixel toped list with just one point. M10 also packs impressive hardware like snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM.

When it comes to HTC M11 all specs are improved from bumped up RAM to 6GB, dual camera lens system, wireless charging and snapdragon 830. HTC 10 will come with android 7.0 on top of HTC sense UI.

Moto Z2:

The modular phone from Motorola Moto Z got good response from mobile world. Moto Z offered great modules like Camera, battery pack and speaker etc. Moto z is released in three versions Moto z force, Moto z and Moto z play. Moto Z force packs higher specs in this three phones. Moto Z phones come with great camera and hardware. Moto Z2 specifications are not released yet but will be released in May 2017.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Nokia D1C tested on Benchmark yet again this time in Antutu.

Nokia new mobile launch maybe not so far away, because Nokia’s midrange device Benchmarks revealed yet again this time in Antutu. By this we can confirm that it will be midrange device. This Benchmark test results also matched with geekbench test results.

We know that Nokia D1C will come with 13MP/8MP camera unit, 3GB RAM, 32GB of flash memory and Snapdragon 430, adreno 505 GPU. The device will come with 5.5” Full HD Display.

Nokia Phone Tested on GeeekBench

Nokia is planning to launch two mobiles by the end of this year or early 2017. This two devices will compete with flagship segment and midrange segment. Recently Nokia mobile code named D1C is appeared in the GeeekBench site, revealed some of the specifications of the device.

By the specifications we can surely assume that it will be a midrange device which offers 3GB RAM, 32GB Expandable storage device will be powered by snapdragon 430. 13MP rear snapper, 8MP Selfie cam. The device will come with Android 7.0 with Nokia Z launcher.

On the other hand the high end specked device is ye to test on GeeekBench. Rumors duggest that it will be powered by snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM and Android 7.0. Camera will get bumped up to 21MP Carl Zeiss lens with Xenon Flash and front camera will carry 13MP snapper.

Let us know your interests in the comment section below.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Best accessories under 1000 INR.

Everybody needs good accessories to their mobiles, Mobile Company’s offer some of them with their retail packaging but you can’t get enough from them, so you can buy some of the third party accessories. Here are some must have mobile accessories under 1000INR.

Power Banks:

This is the must have accessory for smartphone users these days, because smart phones these days needs to charge twice a day, if you are a person who goes for long trips you must need this. For the budget 1000INR you will get a 10000mAH power bank which charges your phone easily twice once you charge it fully.

MI 10000mAh Power bank (899 INR):

If we talk about power banks this is the one which will come to our mind, because it comes with aluminium body which is very tough and it is powered by four 10000mAH LG batteries. It will come with one output port which gives 2.1A and it is compact in size and easily fit to your pocket. There is a LED indicators too which will indicates the battery details.

Click here to check it out on

Also check 20000mAH MI power bank.

Lenovo 13000mAh Power bank (899 INR):

Unlike MI Lenovo looks little bit bigger but offers extra juice of 3000mAH. It also has two output ports which offers 2.1A and 1.0A. This 13000mAH power bank easily charge your phone for three times easily, it takes 6 hours to charge it. There are four LED indicators too.

Check it out on

Ear Phones:

We can’t imagine a long journey without earphones. Companies will give you one with the box but they won’t perform that good, even some company’s won’t even giving with the mobile these days. For best music experience you have to rely on 3rd party earphones. Here are some best hear phone you should buy under 1000 INR.

JBL T150A (695 INR):

JBL earphones are good ones under 1k. It offers good sound quality, it comes with built in mike for attending calls. These are available in two colours white and black.

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If you are the one who want to try funky style then check House of Marley.

Sennheiser Street II (711 INR):

These hear phones won’t come with built in micro phones but offers punchy bass you can go for them if you are a base lower. These are only available in black colour.

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Sony On-Ear Headphone (675 INR):

If you want to buy on-the Ear headphones just go for them. These are the best ones available under 1k. It doesn’t have inbuilt mike and only comes with two colour options white and black. The bass from this ones are not that much punchy but you will enjoy listening music in them, you can also listen music for longer hours without pain.

Check it out in amazon.

Also check Sony In-Ear Extra Bass Headphone.

Sony MDR-EX15LP In-Ear Headphones (Black)

Memory Cards:

In the smart phone world out of storage is the biggest problem, to overcome this you have to add external storage to get more storage in your device. There are plenty of memory cards are available in the market, but they won’t perform up to the mark so here are some memory cards to add extra storage to your phone.

SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC 32GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card (Upto 48 MB/s Speed)

SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC 64 GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card (Upto 80 MB/s Speed)

Samsung Evo+ 32GB Class 10 micro SDHC Card Upto 80 Mbps speed (With adapter)

Samsung microSDXC 64GB Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card 48 MB/s with adapter

Monday, 3 October 2016

Nokia Power Ranger – The First Dual Boot Mobile In History

Nokia is back. You heard it right a new roomer suggest that Nokia may announces a new smart phone in 2016 Q2 or Q3. Once up on a time the Number one mobile manufacture has faced its down fall when the mobile world is dominated by iPhone and android. It can’t stand in the market so they sold their Mobile business to Microsoft for 7.2 billion USD. Nokia quit for some years, but in the year 2015 they released Nokia N1 android based tablet it has quite impressive specs sales. But Nokia fans wants a full pledged phone from the company.

Now Nokia may come back with a phone named as Nokia Power Ranger as the name suggest it is power house in specs. Designed by Ashraf Amer. It is a dual boot smart phone which runs on Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Amazing thing is you can switch between OS just in 3sec.Display is one of the best thing in this phone which is 5.1 inch touch with 2k 1440*2560 resolution and IPS LCD. Design of the phone is just one word it is awesome with very thin bezel display and curved back and back cover comes with different color options. Mobile Made with Polycarbonate. It is only 0.4mm thin.

What Makes Nokia Power Ranger Different From Other Mobile Phones?

  • It’s a dual boot Mobile Phone.
  • On board storage of 512 GB.
  • Carl Zeiss lens with high image stabilization 4k video capture and front cam with flash.
  • Display with 2K resolution.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • 5G Enable.

Specifications of Nokia Power Ranger:

5.1 inch 2k 1440*2560 QHD resolution
Snap dragon 808
Clocked at 2.5GHz
Micro SD
Up to 512GB
Primary:24.2 megapixel Pure view carl Zeiss lens with dual led flash 4K recording
Secondary: 5MP with led flash 1080p recording
Dual boot
Android KitKat (4.4)
Windows 8.1
4200mAh non removable

Although these are not official specifications if it is real it would be the best phone in the market and it will give chance to the Maker to stand in the market. But We can expect a new phone from Nokia in 2016. Because the contract between Nokia and Microsoft is going to end in 2016 so there is a hope we can see Nokia branding phone in 2016.  

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Next Note will be called as Note 7 officially confirmed by samsung.

Samsung officially confirmed that the next mobile from note series will be called as Note 7 by releasing a press invitation for an unpacking event on august 2nd. That day Samsung going to unveil new version of S-pen which comes along with Note 7 and there may be a new Gear VR.

The unpacking event is going to be conduct simultaneously at three places and it will sold from the day of it release.

The three Venus for unpacking event will be.

  • At 11:00 a.m. EDT in New York on August 2, 2016.
  • Rio de Janeiro at noon
  • London at 4:00 p.m.
As of we know fallowing are the specs that are packed by this year’s much awaited pablet. Note 7 comes with 5.7” SAMOLED display, snapdragon 823, 6GB of RAM, Finger print reader, iris scanner,12MP & 5MP camera unit, USB Type-C and a 4000mAh battery. As of the specs the note 7 going to be a beast phablet.

For More specs and details visit Samsung galaxy Note 7.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Nokia Power Ranger Dual Boot Mobile Complete Specifications

Hello Guys, Here we are sharing the complete Specifications of the upcoming Mobile Nokia Power Ranger. Already this mobile grabs Special attention in the Mobile market because of its features. If you are eagerly waiting For Nokia Power Ranger Specifications, go through the below table.

Nokia Power Ranger Full Specifications

2G / 3G / 4G / 5G
5.1 INCH
IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
1440 x 2560 pixels
Non-removable Li-Ion 4200 mAh
Android KitKat (4.4)
Windows 8.1
Qualcomm Snap dragon 808
65GB Extendable up to 512GB
24.2MP, Dual LED Flash
5MP, Dual LED Flash
3.5mm JACK
9 / 10